Skyline GOTW: A Tale Of Two Olentangys

Olentangy Orange is set to face off against the Olentangy Braves this Sunday at 5 p.m. at the Chiller North

Friday, 12.14.2012 / 4:00 PM
Staci Pawlak  -

If you’re looking for Sunday afternoon hockey action, look no further than this week’s Skyline Chili Capital Hockey Conference high school game of the week between the Olentangy Braves and the Olentangy Orange Pioneers.

The cross-town match-up will have its rivalry renewed when the puck drops at the Chiller North in Lewis Center at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

The game offers a great opportunity for families to enjoy the winter season by watching a budding high school rivalry play out on the ice. Olentangy Orange (9-3-0) will be looking to take home a trio of wins this weekend with games against Worthington Kilbourne Friday night, Dublin Jerome on Saturday, and the Braves on Sunday.

“There’s definitely a friendly rivalry,” said Tim Pennington, head coach of the Pioneers. “It adds an extra incentive to play and be the Olentangy that sticks out.”

Despite the hot start for the Pioneers, this will be their first weekend of league play and they’ll be looking to add to their win record while edging towards their goal of capturing the No. 1 spot in their division.

“It’s a long season, so we’re definitely looking to keep the pendulum swinging in our direction,” Pennington said.

Still, Pennington admits that it doesn’t take much to get the emotions going in a game like this, so he wants his team to focus on playing smart hockey while also having fun.

The Braves, who have struggled to a 2-5-0 start, will be looking to get back on track this weekend. They will also play three games against Dublin Jerome and Gahanna on Friday and Saturday, followed by Sunday’s game against Orange.

“There’s definitely a buzz going around the team,” said Mazin Habash, head coach of the Olentangy Braves. “We have to continuously look at getting better, and taking care of the fundamentals of playing hockey."

With nine new kids on the varsity squad this year, the Braves are a young team, and Habash doesn’t want the increased spotlight on Sunday’s contest to change the way his players approach the game.

The stage is set for another interesting Skyline Chili CHC Game of the Week. What team will come out on top in this battle of two “Olentangys”?

Go to the Chiller North on Sunday and see for yourself.

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