140 or Less: Sean Collins

Talking social media (especially Twitter) with the Blue Jackets

Tuesday, 07.09.2013 / 6:00 PM
Rob Mixer  - BlueJackets.com (@RobMixer)

Q: How many hashtags are acceptable per tweet?

SC: I’d say three or four. That’s it.

Q: How does one determine which words deserve a hashtag?

SC: I try to use inside jokes, so people tagged in my tweet know what it is…but the general public won’t.

Q: How many #bucciovertimechallenges did you guess correctly? Be honest.

SC: I guessed the last two, actually. No t-shirt.

Q: Why did you start your Twitter account?

SC: My buddy was telling me about it and said it’s a great way to keep up with news, friends and what’s going on.

Q: Does anything make you regret signing up for Twitter?

SC: Not really. In some cases, you see people with a lot of followers get personally attacked. That’s the unfortunate thing about it.

Q: Fill in the blank…Sean Collins is the Twitter king of ____?

SC: Uniqueness.

Q: Who would be your dream RT? (one person who you’d love to get RT’d by)

SC: I’d say Biznasty.

Q: If you could give these prospects one piece of advice on social media, what would it be?

SC: You have to keep things light, be funny. Don’t take things too personally.

Q: If you could hack one teammate’s account, who would it be?

SC: Michael Chaput. He’s got quite a bit of followers, and I’d kind of like to see those hidden direct messages he’s got.

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