On the ice and behind the bench, Hinote helps "heroes"

Thursday, 10.24.2013 / 10:00 AM
Kristyn Repke  - BlueJackets.com

"Hinote’s Heroes goes wherever we are," said Hinote. "Whenever we run across kids with cancer in need, we try and help them. We don’t limit ourselves to one city or one state. Wherever we are, Hinote’s Heroes is there."

"I always wanted to come up with something on a personal level to give back to the community," said Hinote. "After spending days, months and years with the cancer patients and their families, it was clear that they were who I wanted to help. It’s a big population that has to battle with cancer, especially children, and there’s no shortage of soldiers out there battling. If we can help, then we're going to help."

"I wanted to create something that whether it’s $20, $100, $1,000, I wanted to know exactly what that money did. The money that goes toward Hinote’s Heroes helps kids and their families’ lives right now. Whether it’s movies, computers, DVD players—whatever we can do to make their lives better while they're going through cancer. Sometimes it’s for their families and their brothers and sisters because it’s tough on them as well as the patient themselves. For every dollar donated, we want to show people exactly where that dollar went.

"Fortunately, here, Nationwide Children's Hospital has everything they need and they don’t have a big wish list," said Hinote. "What I can provide is opportunities to see the players. Opportunities to come to a Blue Jackets game. Getting experiences with the hockey team that they wouldn’t normally get. That’s the groundwork I’m laying: providing the kids in the hospital here with an opportunity they can’t buy, which is interaction with our players."

The organization does a phenomenal job of making us all involved. It’s helping with the kids, it’s getting the preparation ready, signing things—whatever it is, everyone’s involved equally.

“What’s special about Hockey Fights Cancer night is the awareness it raises--not only for cancer itself, but with the awareness for just how giving Columbus is," said Hinote. "People take for granted that people in Columbus are willing to help, and then you have a night like this where it shows up, bright as day.

"Everybody is here, everybody is involved, and everybody is helping. That, to me, is what’s on showcase—is how willing people are to fight for this cause and bring awareness to what we’re doing as a city and team.”

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